Why Entreprenuers Need A Proactive Approach In Student’s Training

As a startup founder you must have gotten tired of getting interns only to realize that you have to train them for 2 and 2/3 months and just when they can begin contributing code, they are graduating or have to go back to school.

A proposed solution to organize training sessions to students while they are still on school based on the technologies you use. Students attend these short intensive training e.g. in Kohana or Spring based on particular prerequisites. From students performance during training you are able to acquire interns with very reduced risk.

As a startup founder you can make programmers internship work for you instead of draining you. Organize a short intensive training that gets students better, gets the community better and gives you a better chance of acquiring useful interns.

Trainings aren’t free. If students can’t pay for their training, they could sign an agreement that says they owe an amount of work hours equal to their fees.

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