Buea P/L Meetups 2016

Over 240 Sessions of Programming and Design Lessons in Silicon Mountain

Coding is the #1 survival skill in Silicon Mountain

And the P/L Meetups makes it so easy to learn coding

About P/L Meetups

The P/L Meetups is an initiative started by the Google Developers Group Buea, in partnership with Skademy and ActivSpaces Cameroon to foster the development of computer programming and digital product development skills in Silicon Mountain (Buea, South West Region Cameroon). Last year saw the first edition of the P/L Meetups with 5 programming languages thought in 8 sessions each amounting to a total of 40 sessions.

This year, 2016, The P/L Meetups will see 10 different programs each having 24 sessions summing up to 240 sessions. We are also featuring new interesting programs like Deep/Machine Learning which will be handled by SiQueries, a machine learning/ visualization startup that hails from Silicon Mountain. This year, the P/L Meetups is not all about code as Graphic Design features

At the end of the sessions, we hope to see 100 persons enriched with the skills needed for high-tech product development needed by Silicon Mountain startups.

Programs Available

  • Machine Learning
  • Android Programming
  • Graphics Design
  • C Programming
  • C# Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • Python Programming
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Node.js


2 months (October to November)

Who is this course for? 

  • People who want to contribute actively and participate in the tech community in Silicon Mountain

Course Delivery approach

In-class sessions with a trainer + Online lessons


Buea, Cameroon

Launch Date

15th October 2016

Course Outcome

Students who complete this program will have technical skills needed by tech companies home and abraod.


After the training, the candidates interested in a certificate will receive a Certificate of Completion at 20,000frs each. Certificates are not compulsory.

Study Materials

Materials will be provided by your trainer


  • Advanced Level

Mentoring & Counselling

  • Visit ActivSpaces Buea office at First Trust Building, Soppo. 
  • Whatsapp: +237661468896
  • Calls: +237 677243603

Coding is the #1 survival skill in Silicon Mountain

And the P/L Meetups makes it so easy to learn coding