Course Description

In this Free Python Game & Desktop Developer Course, you will learn how to build Desktop Applications & Games with Python. You will learn the Python Programming Language. You will also learn how to use PyQt, Kivy and PyGames to build Python apps and games. Finally, you will learn how to use the Linux Operating System, the Unix Shell, Unix Socket and take all into Python with Python Network Programming.

Advised Duration: 4 months

Who is this course for? This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to develop native desktop applications and games.

Cost: Free. You can however request for a Certificate of Completion after you have completed the course.

Skademy Request fee is 20,000 Frs.

Mode of Program:

  • Self-study.
  • Communicate with mentor on emails, SMS and phone calls.
  • The mentor will request for physical meetings when need be.

Location: Mentor and student will communicate and agree on where to meet for any physical meetings.

Course Outcome (Skills attained):

At the end of this program, you will be able to

  • Build Desktop applications with Python
  • Build Desktop games with Python

Jobs & Industry Applicability:

  • Python Application Developer
  • Python Game Developer

Pre requisites:

  • Anyone interested in building desktop applications and desktop games can take this program.
  • A previous knowledge of web design is an added advantage.

Course Requirements:

  • Personal Computer
  • Access to internet

Evaluation: How well and how fast he completes exercises, especially the final project.

Mentor/ Coach: After admission, a coach will contact you and invite you for a meeting. Your Coach will counsel you and assign you to a suitable mentor to you who will guide you through with appropriate discipline towards completion.

After this what next? After this taking this course you will become a Python Application Developer. You can look into Python Web Development or Scientific Python.


Average rate: 1.0

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