After HTML and CSS, What Next? – The Rise of The Full Stack Designer

You began your Web Design careeer by building websites with Adobe Dreamweaver, you then tried to learn HTML and CSS to gain better control of your code and learned a little jQuery so you could hack JavaScript slideshows. You are a Web Designer, you wish you could build some real web applications like eCommerce or dating websites. However, you’re discouraged; you don’t see yourself as a Web Developer. You didn’t get your Java and C classes quite well and since you took the easy path through HTML you think it’s over. You can never be a Full Stack Developer. Brace up, there’s a title for you. You can become a Full Stack Designer. Yes, there is something like that; Google it if you don’t believe.

Maybe you don’t know what Full Stack means. If you know, I’ll give a pretty short definintion, so just read on. Being full-stack simply refers to someone who is cross-disciplinary and able to take a project through to completion. A full-stack guy is an individual who has the skills to carry a project through the first few major project phases.

A Full Stack Developer is someone who can handle front-end dev tasks, back-end dev tasks, backend-server management tasks, networking, security, etc.

What then is a Full Stack Designer? Patience! First when you get someone saying he is a designer, what is he really saying he is? It could be any of these; someone who only does design, does design and some code, or may even handle the full design to development process!

A Full Stack Designer is one who can has the cross-disciplinary skills to move a from concept to launch through a couple of iterations by leveraging technologies like WordPress CMS, Parse, AngularJS, Ionic, Parse and Firebase infrastructure technologies, etc; without the need of a hardcore back end developer.

The first version of Instagram was an HTML5 app, that’s a Full Stack Designer move. It landed the founder $500,000 in funding and he could later get it done Full Stack Developers.

The benefits of being a Full Stack Designer are quite awesome. You can build your startup’s first product all by yourself making it becomes easier to get a Full Stack Developer for a co-founder. As an employee, you’re very useful to your employer because you can handle stuff around marketing and branding, as well as a good amount of geeky code changes.

If you’re interested in becoming a Full Stack Designer, you need a good number of items in your tool box.
My guess is, you already have skills in HTML, CSS and Photoshop. You need to go East and grab more design skills like Product Design, wireframing, video editing, and also go West to grab JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, Firebase, Parse), CMS (Typo3, WordPress), and HTML5 Mobile Development (jQuery Mobile, Ionic Framework)

What are you thinking? Where can I learn all these? Come on… You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Visit Skademy’s search box and type a keyword for each of these technologies. There is someone out there with the skills and he’ll like to tutor you through your new skill. Have fun learning, it feels like dating.

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