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This Internet Marketing Diploma will give you the skills needed to stay attractive and competitive in today’s complex market space where the rules of marketing have been rewritten. You will become skilled in Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Digital Advertising. You will become an asset to any company in Africa or abroad that wants to stay competitive and convert the billions of people online into their customers. You will be preparing yourself to become a marketer of the future and a growth hacker.

Advised Duration: 4 months

Who is this course for? This course is for anyone who is passionate or curious about how business on the internet works. It is great for persons who want to advance their career or create a new career in online entrepreneurship, digital marketing and growth hacking.

Mode of Program:
– Self-study.
– Communicate with a mentor on emails, SMS, and phone calls.
– The mentor will request for physical meetings when need be.

Location: The mentor and student will communicate and agree on where to meet for any physical meetings.

Course Outcome (Skills attained):
At the end of this program, you will be able to
– Understand what online businesses are and how to market businesses over the internet
– Understand how to create Facebook & Twitter Pages for Businesses and manage these pages
– Understood the basics of advertising on Facebook
– Become Google Ads Certified
– Apply for an Attestation of Completion for Online Marketing Course Part I from Skademy (20,000frs fee is charged for your Attestation request)

Jobs & Industry Applicability:
After taking this course, you will be able to have junior positions in the following roles.
– Social Media Manager
– Digital Marketing Manager
– SEO Technician
– PPC Expert etc.

Core Exercises:
– Create & Setup Social Media Strategy for a demo company
– Complete Keyword & SEO strategy for a demo company
– Create Digital Advertising Strategy for a demo company

Pre requisites:
– To take this program, you must have had at least one year in a university as a student.
– You should be a student or have dropped out from the university.

Course Requirements:
– Personal Computer
– Access to internet

Evaluation: Feedback form from your Industrial Placement supervisor, results from various courses you take out of Skademy so as to complete this program.

Mentor/ Coach: Upon admission, you will be assigned a mentor to guide you through this course. If you are not interested in mentoring, you can take the course and complete it on your own.

After this what next? This program is step one of four programs you will take on your path to become a growth hacker. A growth hacker is the most feared and dangerous kind of market engineer of our modern days. Growth Hackers only think of growth. They transform small proven ideas to multi-billion dollar businesses. Companies handled by growth hackers to dominion are Airbnb, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Hotmail, Whatsapp and a good number of others. You too can become a growth hacker.

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  1. I love this platform. I am a marketing executive who has seen internet marketing as a backbone of contemporary marketing. I hope this programm will be a great one.

    • It’s free, so perhaps you commission some of your team members to take the course and help them by mentoring and supervising them on their journey towards contemporary marketing

  2. awesome platform…awesome and awesome again

  3. Being and enrolled here feels real good.

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